Folkert Rasch

Folkert Rasch is not concerned with the depiction of faithful topographies or idyllic landscapes. Instead, the painter focuses on creating a strict pictorial order against the chaotic law of a disorderly world. With his reasonably ordered compositions, he embarks on a search for the limits of reason.

In doing so, he makes use of one of the most relatable motifs and yet denies the viewer of his paintings any confirmation of familiar contexts. In his metaphysical imagery, he removes himself from naturalistic expectations and only in this way arrives at his inner reality.

For the description of his seascapes, the artist uses the contradictory nature of the concept of “Untiefe”. Nautically considered the shallow or flat part of the water, the prefix (“Un-“) at the same time suggests a particularly great depth. The horizontal lines of his works thus combine to create a rewarding tension and convey a sense of distance and proximity in equal measure.

The vernissage with the artist will take place on 03 July between 17:00 and 22:00.

We look forward to your visit.

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