Jenny Day & Anna Lena Straube
»new works«

Jenny Day has studied another subject in addition to painting, and so her preoccupation with environmental studies leaves clear traces in her thinking and painting.

We present Jenny Day’s paintings and sculptures for the first time. She lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).

Her paintings are created in mixed media and collages, she deals with critical themes. Her ceramic sculptures are also impressive, dealing with our civilisation, nature and our creatures.

An unusual artist whom we would like to present regularly in the future.


Anna Lena Straube
Renaissance 8 is the name of Anna Lena Straube’s new 2021 series.

As always, the artist manages to impress with her pictures. She develops scenes between dream and dance, which move in a baroque atmosphere and present us with mysterious constellations. Stylistically, the paintings move between realism and poetry, between delicate colour glazes and countless drops of colour covering the motif. In contrast, clear white forms appear, suggesting metaphysical light.
We have been working with the artist since 2008 and are always amazed by her work.
All her works are published by us, and we also regularly present her work at international art fairs. Since 2020, her work has been represented in California.
A fantastic artist, she lives and works in Berlin.



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