KATARZYNA CUDNIK<br>sinnliche Landschaftsräume

Light and colour are her starting elements in an abstract landscape painting. The colour spaces are created sensitively and full of energy. In this way, the artist enters into an intensive dialogue with nature.
Katarzyna Cudnik was born in Gdynia, Poland, in 1971 and first studied art in Gdansk, Poland. She then moved to the Düsseldorf Art Academy to study with Prof. Graubner and Prof. Anzinger. She became a master student of Anzinger. As a student of Graubner, she explores the reinterpretation of landscape through light and colour, creating her own pictorial reality as a kind of timelessness and universe. She herself says, “My artistic endeavour is to spread the colour on a surface and to place this surface in space” (K. Cudnik).

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