Johanna Flammer


Born in 1978 in Wesel, the artist now lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In 1998 she began studies at the Academy of Education in Hamburg, 1999 to 2003 at the Ruhrakademie Schwerte and from 2004 to 2006 she studied art (teaching profession) at the University of Essen.

2006 to 2010 followed studies at the Kunst- akademie in Düsseldorf in the class of Martin Gostner.

Johanna Flammer has been an assistant to Imi Knoebel since 2010. Since 2016 lecturer at the Kunst- akademie in Allgäu, since 2019 a teaching position for painting at the Design Hochschule Düsseldorf (PBSA) and since 2021 a teaching position for color theory at the Hochschule Niederrhein.

Solo exhibitions – selection

2022 – In Dialogue, Johanna Flammer + Jenny Day, Gallery Bengelsträter, Düsseldorf

2022 – Toupeeded green, Johanna Flammer & Heiner Geisbe, no cube, Münster

2022 – Four eyes, what you gonna? Four eyes, and how much do you see now?
How many fingers? Ha, ha, ha
Johanna Flammer & Tim Berresheim, eye & world, Aachen

2022 – LILAROSA, Gallery Mond Fine Arts, Berlin

2021 – STURMBLAU, Rosenhang Museum Weilburg; 2020 – morphing, Johanna Flammer and Paul Schwer, Neue Galerie Gladbeck; 2020 – Blütenweiß, Hotel Mond, Berlin; 2018 – Honiggelb, Galerie Michael Schulz, Berlin; 2017 – Paradies- grün, Galerie Michael Schulz; 2016 – Solo Show, Formosa Art Show 2016, Taipei; 2016 – SET OUT, Galerie Grand Siécle, Taopei; 2015 – Liebesrot Galerie Osper, Cologne; 2014 – ZOOM, Galerie Michael Schulz, Berlin.

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