Rainer Augur


Born in Schwelm in 1951, Rainer Augur studied visual communication with a focus on illustration, under Prof. Gerd Aretz and Prof. Will Sensen at the Kunsthochschule Wuppertal. Afterwards he worked as an art director/storyboard artist for international advertising agencies. From 1990, in addition to his painting, he worked for 25 years as an independent AD and layout draftsman in the fashion industry.

Even after his professional career as a communication designer, Augur continues to seek communication with the public. Out of this desire to also create art that is understandable to the viewer, his paintings are oriented towards realism. His painting focuses on form and figurative art with technical precision. Objects and people are captured and rendered with as much detail as possible.

Rainer Augur’s photorealistic portraits show people in intimate, very personal moments of emotion. They seem to be absorbed in themselves and poetically enraptured; they rarely seek the viewer’s gaze, but are absorbed in their respective situation, detached from the rest of what is happening.

Augur projects the emotions of his protagonists onto the viewer, unraveling an empathetic game of proximity and the fleetingness of the moment.

This transitory character is also present in his city portraits, which seem to “freeze” buildings, streets, and even people in the moment, giving them drive and dynamism by means of a sophisticated light and shadow technique despite the obvious standstill.

He lives and works in Hamburg.


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