The exhibition ends on 19 October 2023

Lukas Köllner (1991) studied with Andreas Schulze, Siegfried Anzinger and most recently Katharina Wulff at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. In 2019 he received his master’s degree from Prof. Siegfried Anzinger.
Magical realism characterizes his work. Grotesque figures and abstract dream worlds become the subject of the artist’s paintings. Narratives, coupled with humorous aspects, a personal experience and his own painterly expression are important to him.
Lukas Köllner: “Since 2018, I turned to landscapes in my paintings. As independent “plein air” landscape paintings and in compositions as references to places with real reference. At the same time, motifs from myths, legends and fairy tales gained increasing importance in my paintings. I am looking for symbols that, like painting itself, carry a universal comprehensibility outside of verbal language. Images that trigger something in everyone, as we are all familiar with them.”
Wilko Austermann, art historian

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