Carlo Borer


OBJECTS FROM VIRTUAL SPACE Carlo Borer (Switzerland) develops his installations and objects in virtual space using CAD.His sculptures are created in the real world using complex procedures in virtual reality and high-tech tools such as lasers, as well as sophisticated craftsmanship. At the same time, he creates NoReadymades and Spaceships, in which Carlo Borer is guided by found objects and places them in a new context. The objects suggest a supposed use, simulate everyday objects of a technically advanced civilisation and thus lead the viewer on the wrong track. Aesthetics and technical perfection thus become a means of deception. Apparently a readymade, but in reality a pure invention, reversing the original process.
He is currently becoming increasingly interested in architecture. Carlo Borer has been working as a visual artist since 1981 and has organised exhibitions in Europe and the USA. His works can be found in numerous collections and in public spaces.

The artist shows us the molecular components of the world.His pulsars are created in the media-specific aesthetics of computer programmes as imaginary immaterial objects.In the form of liquid mercury, he uses his own hand to instantiate the pulsating image of immateriality, which in its natural state eludes all forms of the human hand.The highly polished stainless steel objects reflect themselves, the viewer and the space through their curved form.Like Kapoor’s Cloud Gate, Borer’s pulsars prioritise the relationship with their surroundings.They dispense with the ironised charge of pop-cultural readymades in order to keep the reception experience as personal as possible. The perfectly mirrored curvature poses the question of the immanent limits of the artwork and the formation of opinion in contradictory information situations.